1350-1450 Medieval Shoes - Archaeological Finds Vilnius

San Michele - Castelsardo

La Cavalleria di Alfonso V di Aragona carica gli infedeli.

Pala d'Altare Sant Miquel de Cruïlles - Gerona

TESTONE - Bona di Savoia 1476-1481

Bacinetto Becco di Passero

Bascinet 1400 ca - MET

Burgundian France Great Bascinet 1430-1440

Sword 1470-1480 Italian

Right pauldron

Warhammer for Foot Combat - 1440ca

Saint George Bohemian Pavise 1430-1440

Small Chest Decorated with Animals and Birds

Armor of Maximilian I of Austria

AMOR Casket

Lorenz Helmschmid - Pair of Elbow Gauntlets

Cuirass of Gothic Suit of Armour - Hermitage Museum

Augsburg Medieval Gauntlets 1490

1390-1400 French Bassinet and Visor

Pair of Mitten Gauntlets - Austria 1420 1440

Italian 1475 1500 Hand-and-a-Half Sword

Chanfron Horse Barding Italy 1460 1480

Medieval Furniture - 1450 Conrad Laib

Medieval Engraved Shoe - first 15th century

Sallet Barbuta Italy 1450

Parade Shield Villani family Florence

Florence Wedding Box 1460 - Victoria & Albert Museum London

Poleaxe 1470 France

Cesare Borgia Sword scabbard - 15th century

Statue Saint George and Dragon - Detail

Frame Purse 1480-1490 Northern Europe

Decorated Knife Sheat - 14/15th century

Horseman's Targe