Statue Saint George and Dragon - Detail

Detail from Victoria and Albert statue of Saint George and Dragon

Ulm, Germany (probably, made)
ca. 1480-1490 (made)

Statue, Hand carved limewood

St. George stands on an irregular base wearing elaborate armour. 
His raised right hand holds a tournament lance and his left hand is clasped around the turned neck of the dragon. 
It would have been fully painted, but has subsequently been stripped of its colouring with the exception of flesh tone in the face, traces of black colour indicating the pupils, red traces in the mouth, ear, and the wound of the dragon, and green pigments on the base. 
The head of the lance is missing and the index finger of the right hand is a later replacement. 
The back of the body has been hollowed out and the reverse of the base is flat.

Height: 129 cm, Width: 55 cm, Depth: 30.5 cm