Right pauldron

Right pauldron 
Shoulder defense

Perhaps Austria (possibly Innsbruck or Mühlau)
About 1490

Materials : Steel; leather

Measure 25.4 × 30.5 × 25.4 cm (10 × 12 × 10 in.)
Weight 1,1 Kg (2 lb. 7 oz.)

Constructed of 4 lames, with plain outward turns at top and bottom. 
Fluted decoration on rear of second lame down. Lames articulate on rivets at each end, with a sliding rivet at the center. Articulation of the plates is good. 
The articulating rivets have large flat heads inside.
Articulation at the front may originally have been on leathers, as there is an unused rivet on the bottom lame that would have been necessary to secure the leather, but this still leaves unexplained the unused rivet on the back interior of the lowest lame.

It is also unclear how the entire pauldron secured to the upper arm, unless perhaps by this rivet and the one opposite to it. 

There is a pair of holes at the top for tying the pauldron to the doublet, but these holes and the turned edge are both crude, and may have been altered. There are 2 old holes toward the rear of the lowest plate at the bottom edge; 2 more holes toward the center, flanking the medial ridge, are modern, evidently for mounting a vambrace. 

The besagew holes are modern, and there is a scratched "X" between them evidently used to locate them.